1. We respect everyone in NFG, regardless of the situation. This is a community for mature gamers only and if problems arise, we take the steps necessary to ensure it gets solved correctly.
  2. Follow all procedures. This may/can include but is not limited to transferring, promoting, demoting, warnings, suspensions etc.
  3. Be in uniform during all NFG events which may include but are not limited to your rank, clan tag, emblem, motto, bio and similar.
  4. When invited by a Higher Up to a game, party, private chat, meeting etc. you must join. If you’re in the middle of a game simply finish that first. Higher Ups are here to reach out to you and keep you up to date.
  5. Follow Chain of Command at all times.
  6. No hacking, modding, unfair glitching, system tampering, controller tampering and during NFG events. If you are modding in a session with another NFG member let them know.
  7. No poaching whatsoever. From other squads, battalions, different sections of OPG or from OPG itself.
  8. Cursing is okay until it becomes a problem if another NFG members ask you to stop please stop.
  9. No harassment which may include but is not limited to sexual or verbal conduct, compromising of personal, racism, racial slurs, discrimination based on religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, heritage, citizenship status, habitual preferences, character assassination/attacking/degrading and of the like.
  10. Have Fun!!